Ben Simge

Hello; I’m Simge, nice to meet you!

 If I had to define myself simply; “I can describe myself as a “life glutton” or an “energy booster”. I studied International trade and business management in Turkey. (It wasn’t easy, I suffered a lot :’) Studying
this department at the university not only developed me academically, it also made it easier for me to communicate with many cultures and people. By the way, I was not idle while I was studying.

 I did a lot of volunteer work, I lead social projects. I attended many courses and trainings. Besides these, I have other qualities that I can praise myself for.

 I love to cook
🥗 (I think I like to eat more.) I am assertive in Turkish cuisine.

I am currently working as a volunteer at a foundation in Portugal. 
🇵🇹 During my volunteering project (apart from being a “Santa Claus”
🧑🏻‍🎄), I work for the integration of the elderly into the post-pandemic society.
🦠 I try to travel around Europe as much as I can
🙋🏻‍♀️. Virginia Woolf (If you have a book recommendation, please let me know.)

Sometimes, I make jokes in irrelevant places. (I think my jokes are funny
🎭(at least I hope so))

My favorite animal is the “cow” 
🐮 (it’s for a reason but it’s so long story) (maybe I can tell you if you ask!?)

If you are wondering what I do professionally, please take a look at my linkedln account.

Yukarıda görünen tüm bilgi ve metin dizgisi (cümle-imla kuralları vb.) kişinin kendisine ait olup, YEP tarafından bir müdahalede bulunulmamıştır.